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Moral Monday Selma W. S. 2015

It was Saturday afternoon while at the NAACP reception that I first heard, "All Together Forward Not One Step Backward".

That next Sunday morning it roared and rained down fire from heaven as the pulpit rocked with the brimstone message of not being sheep or lambs to a cause but to trust the Sheppard to lead you to your human right to be free.

Following up that Sunday night it was clear the giant was awake and ready for Moral Monday as it flexed its muscles, and shook its bones with a call to "WAR", a call to interrupt the status qua against violating voting rights, lastly it rattled the pews with the feet of hundreds who packed into the freedom church from all walks of life and interest, all were there with chins stuck out, shoulders squared back, backs straight, feet firmly planted and arms locked arm-in-arm prepared to go forward but not one step back.

Monday morning as I stood in the center of Corpening Plaza I could sense the movement before I see it, "This is our Selma" was organic and growing by the number.

The vibe came from a few setting up to hundreds carrying signs that said, “Protect Our Vote,” “Voter Protection Not Suppression,” “Let the People Vote,” “Black Votes Matter” and “North Carolina is Our Selma.”

From the music to the speeches people were ready to march, the restless giant took its first step forward towards the courthouse and as I heard its foot steps fall just like that, thousands of demonstrators a diverse group of races, ethnicity and ages that came from Winston-Salem, throughout North Carolina and across the country fell in line with the movements stride streaming, singing, chanting and stepping forward and not back into history.

“This is our Selma,”

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