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ODP Mentor/Development Program is for the beginner to the intermediate visual artist/photographer that desires to develop and is seeking to improve their creative photography skills. The programs are designed to help you gain insight as well as get a different perspective in defining the direction and path that is your style. As a visual artist/photographer I understand just how confusing this journey can be. To help I will be accepting a limited number of students monthly to assist them with the many options of their photography visions and goals.

The programs will consist of different styles as well as opportunities to meet the needs of the visual artist/photographer of today. As a visual artist/photographer I have a varied range of professional experience from protest to funerals and many other styles to include music, portraiture, lifestyle events and contemporary art. I have been in business full-time for several years and have office/studio space to work with you where and when needed.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas that we can discuss or cover during your session.

1-on-1 sessions are tailored for your growth, together we will think through what areas of your business or visual art/photography that you want to work on.

Topics like:

Shooting & Composition | Lighting | Post-processing | Marketing/Promotion | Style/General | Social Media vs. Word Of Mouth | Working With Clients

• A portfolio critique: A review portfolio and website with recommend changes

• A compelling image picture what it is and what it takes to make of one • What is your personal style and visual art/photographic signature

• We will cover Lightroom and Photoshop processing • Pre-visualize shooting from the end to the beginning

• Seeing the background influence and distraction on your final image • Learn the combination of aperture, shutter, lens, lighting and distance affect

• Telling a story with through your images

• Handle issues and challenging clients and get repeat business

• Best practices such as how to effectively market/promote your business

• Advice on gear based on your budget and style of photography

Non Topics:

• Tax Issues • Legal Assistance • Personal Challenges 

• Best Industry Trends

Mentor / Development / Packages

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