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Hello, my name is Owens Daniels I am a communicator, visual artist and photographer. My work tells stories about life for I believe everyone has a story to tell, one that is innovative, creative and larger than life!.

As a visual artist, I get most of my inspirations from life's day-to-day challenges and experiences. Starting out as the youngest son among five children an artistic family made up of creatives, storytellers, painters, musicians, and writers to traveling around the world as a young soldier, and living abroad on my own for over a two decades with all the issues and challenges of life. 

Drawing from these experiences and others one lesson has stuck with me, "Everyone has a story" and with a photojournalist style and vision, I want to communicate your's, a story that will express your life, look, and style.  

When was I first introduced to the power of visual arts? It was in the presence of my mother. I drew a picture from a book and showed it to her, she was pleased and pinned my first artwork on the refrigerator for all to see and when my father came home, she pointed it out and said to him, "Look at what our boy has done." My father looked at me with pride.  

Later in life, my father gave me this piece of advice which guides my work till this day, "Everybody has a story to tell"  boy tell what you see and from this experience among many others lead me to become a visual artist/photographer for we are all little people with a big story to tell and with passion, vision I will tell yours, making it look larger than life.  

Thank you,

Owens O. Daniels


Event photographer for the University Of North Carolina School Of The Arts, Photography instructor for Winston Salem Sawtooth School Of Visual Arts and Staff Photographer Star of Zion Newspaper member of Winston Salem’s Associated Artists, Art For Art Sake, ArtsWork Gallery and Thomas Kenan Institute Creative Lab

Awards and Prizes:

33rd Annual Community Service Arts Award Curator of the Arts, ArtPop Billboard Award, and Public Artwork installation Benton Convention Center.


Duke Energy Regional Artist Project and Kenan Institute Creative Lab grant


New Winston and Cameron Museum, Light Factory, Allenton, Delta Fine Arts, Milton Rhodes, RedDog, Welborn and several other galleries and museums.

Loves: Rice, Chicken Wings, Travel, Miles Davis, Tech Stuff, Camera Gear, Walking, Working Out, Live Music, Art, Museums, Photography Books, Cooking, Conversations  

Dislikes: Being Late, Cheap People, Milk, Traffic Jams, Poor Artwork, Creamy Things,  Poor Planning, Unasked Opinions, Stepping In Dog Crap,    

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