Piedmont Wind Symphony Metropolis - Owens Daniels Photography
Piedmont Wind Symphony Metropolis

Piedmont Wind Symphony Metropolis and The Red Violin

Continuing its streak of innovative programming, the Piedmont Wind Symphony will bring in an award-winning violinist and perform music from two films Thursday at the Stevens Center. “Metropolis,” the futuristic film by Fritz Lang, was innovative in its day. Released in 1927, it was one of the first full-length science-fiction films. The wind symphony will play a new score written for the film in 2016 by Thomas Miller and show eight vignettes from the movie. 

“The movie will be projected above the orchestra, much like when we did ‘Frankenstein.’” The wind symphony also performed new music for the 1931 “Frankenstein” during its Halloween concert in 2015.

Bryan Hall, a violinist originally from Kernersville, is coming in from Alaska to play the “Chaconne” from “The Red Violin” (1998), with score by John Corigliano.

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