Mary Emma's Davis 80th Birthday - Owens Daniels Photography
Mary Emma Davis 80th Birthday

Mary Emma's Davis 80th birthday Celebration

Mary Davis 80th birthday bash was a day of family, friends, blessings and love. The day started with preparations for her party by her daughters and friends in the lovely Chester State Park's Lake View Clubhouse. Food was gathered, tables set, music played and men folk got directions from the women folk to move, lift, push, pickup and fetch tents, chairs or anything else that crossed their minds while they cooked, baked or just fussed over who should have or needed to do this or that. All the while at her home Ms. Davis was getting her hair and makeup done and fussed with anyone that would listen  "All This Ain't Necessary" meaning don't you forget a thing its my birthday. Friends and family arrived from around the country and even came from the deep country bringing well wishes, kisses, hugs, presents and long awaited love. Love was everywhere like a flood you could not see a hurt, pain or bad thought anywhere among them only love for "Mae Emma." Well, finally the hour stuck and the great gathering was hosted, everyone held their breath as her car pulled into the driveway, she got out and like all great storms with lighting and thunder to announce the rains; shouts, claps and foot stomps brought out. Tears rolled, arms opened wide and kisses fail like the long awaited harvest rains. She smiled looked this way and that, called a name here or their and quietly wept with joy, "They Fussed Over Me" steadying herself, she climbed the stairs and walked into the hall to a second roar LOVE, BLESSINGS, GOODNESS and the JOY of her love one's gathered together, yeah it was her day and it was "Necessary" and nothing, and I mean NOTHING was forgotten! Because how can you forget over 80 years of LOVE...        

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